About Bullmastiff Puppies For Sale

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Bullmastiff Puppies for Sale
When looking for a new puppy, a Bullmastiff may be the ideal choice. This breed of dog has been around since 1791. It was popular in England and was developed to watch over large estates or game lands. This type of dog is fast but will hold strangers without a severe attack. The main idea behind the Bullmastiff was to create a quicker and more aggressive dog than a regular Mastiff and a dog that was larger than a traditional Bulldog. Here is a closer look at this breed.

Grown Characteristics of an Adult Bullmastiff

Bullmastiff dogs are powerful and large, but they are not overly cumbersome. Their faces are big and wrinkled and have black noses with wide nostrils. Teeth are commonly level, and their eyes are deep hazel in color. Bullmastiffs have ears that are high and wide with a V-shape. Their tails are very strong and set high on the body. Their backs are short and straight. These dogs have a short and coarse fur that is often red with black accents. The average male will reach a height of up to 27 inches and weigh up to 130 pounds. Females are slightly smaller and lighter.

General Health

Bullmastiff dogs usually live between eight and 10 years. They tend to bloat, so it is smart to feed them smaller meals throughout the day. Bullmastiffs gain weight with ease, so it is important to watch their diet and not overfeed them.

Personality and Temperament

A Bullmastiff is generally gentle and quiet. An owner must show love and discipline. It can be raised in a family with small children. However, it is important to recognize its stubbornness and outbursts against strange people and dogs. Overall, the breed is not easily upset and will wonderfully guard the family. It will show no fear against a stranger who is threatening its territory.

Care and Requirements

Bullmastiff dogs require minimal care. They prefer cooler weather that is free from humidity. They like being inside, but must be exercised regularly. These dogs usually drool and will need a large area for sleeping because they enjoy stretching. Since they have a rough coat, they will not shed and will be simple to groom. They should be brushed and shampooed when necessary. To prevent injuries to the paws, toenails must be kept trimmed as well.

Items to Keep in Mind When Considering Bullmastiff Puppies

Bullmastiff puppies are normally energetic and are always on the move. They eventually slow down after a few years. These dogs are very loyal and love being around people. To encourage proper socialization, it is essential to introduce strangers early. This will keep temperament down. These dogs have high intelligence, so obedience training will create pets that listen to commands under proper leadership.

How to Select a Bullmastiff Puppy

When choosing a new Bullmastiff puppy, it is important to select a female if a male Bullmastiff is already at home. After bringing it home, it is important to give the puppy a lot of attention. It is key to begin training immediately. This will prevent the animal from developing a destructive side. Choosing a reputable place to purchase your puppy is important. This will ensure a healthy pet that will last a long time.

Final Recommendation

A Bullmastiff dog is confident and fearless, yet it is calm and gentle around family. It will guard the home and rarely bark. It thinks independently but will respond to early obedience training. It will not require a great deal of exercise or grooming, so it will do well in an apartment as well.

When a person wants a dog that will grow large and powerful, a Bullmastiff is a smart choice. It will make a wonderful watchdog and companion for many years. To begin the journey of adding a new dog to the family, consider heading to the pet store and purchasing a Bullmastiff puppy.