Enough is Enough Stop The Pet Store Ban In San Marcos

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Dear San Diego County and San Marcos Citizens,

The local city government of San Marcos is entertaining the idea of introducing a pet store ban in the city. They have yielded to the constant harassment and badgering of animal right activists, and are justifying their actions with half truths and propaganda provided by the very same organizations that seek to profit off a pet store ban; the local animal shelters.


Let us be perfectly clear we are not against shelters or adoption, as a matter of fact we are completely for it. We care that all animals find homes, but it is the fundamental right as a citizen is to be able to choose. What if the government stated that you may no longer go to Starbucks to get a premium cup of coffee, rather you have to go to 711, or make your morning cup of coffee at home? What if the government pass bans on large malls with high end retailers, and instead you would have to do your shopping at retailers like Walmart or Target?  What if the city bans quality pet stores such as Mini Toy Puppies and the government only allowing for the purchase of an adult dog at a shelter.


Let’s think about it? Ban pet stores throughout San Diego county (no more puppies), pass mandatory spay and neuter or pay a fine to all citizens in the county(no more hobby breeder puppies), pass laws to stop online puppy sales (no more puppies)! SOLUTION the shelter will magically produce puppies for the general public, but how? Importing them of course, but we have a pet over population problem right? WRONG! More and more non-profit shelters are importing their dogs from OTHER STATES AND COUNTRIES like MEXICO, PUERTO RICO, KOREA, the PHILIPPINES and other 3rd world countries where dog diseases like PARVO, DISTEMPER, RABIES, SCABIES is prevalent!



Let’s let the city know that we the people do not appreciate being bullied around by these non-profit special interest groups. We the people do not want our rights taken away from us. Do not pass the ban!

Step 1

Please call the city council members and leave a voicemail. Let them know that you support Mini Toy Puppies, do not support the pet store ban or the tyrannical adopt only animal right extremists.

Mayor Jim Desmond (760) 402-0448

City Council General Voicemail Box: (760) 744-1050 x3154

Step 2

Please send them an email again stating that you support Mini Toy Puppies and oppose the ban on pet stores.

Copy and paste these emails into your email program: jdesmond@san-marcos.netrjones@san-marcos.netcorlando@san-marcos.netkjabara@san-marcos.netsjenkins@san-marcos.net, david.fancypuppy@gmail.com

Step 3

Please sign the petition below.

Enough is Enough


Dear Mayor and City Council Memebers

Dear Mayor and City Council Members,

We support Mini Toy Puppies. The special interest animal right extremist and non-profit organizations they directly or indirectly support are not the majority.

The majority of the people want pet stores and do not stand behind the ban of pet stores like Mini Toy Puppy.

Please do not ban pet stores in San Marcos.

Thank you

We the people

**your signature**

265 signatures

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